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3 Practical Preparation Tips for Office Cleaning Services

Picture this: It is Monday morning, and you are rearing to go to work. You cannot wait to get to the office for the start of what you believe will be a successful week. However, you get to the office, and you meet the cleaning crew still trying to figure out where to begin. Power cables are all over the floor, the furniture is rearranged, the bins are overflowing, and some of the computers are still on. It is a common scenario in most offices, and it often leads to delays in the cleaning process, which usually works against the office manager's schedule. If you want the cleaning crew to go about their business fast and thoroughly, then the office environment must allow it. This article highlights ways you can prepare your office for cleaning services. 

Tuck Cables Away -- Most office cleaning service providers agree that power cables that are sprawled on the floor are a nuisance during a cleaning exercise. Not only do the cables waste time, but they also create several trip points that put the crew at risk of injuries. Rather than let the cleaning crew take care of the power cables, you can take the initiative so that the cleaning staffs can focus on their primary duty. One ingenious way of keeping power cables away is hanging an old file tray under your desk. The idea helps to keep power extension cables and all connected cords off the floor. The cleaning crew thus spends just enough time cleaning the floor because no time is wasted in clearing wires out of the way. 

Maintain Furniture Arrangement -- In any office, you will not fail to notice a couple of staff members that do not bother where their chair ends up once they leave the office. However, it can be a problem for an office-cleaning service provider because they now have to guess where each chair goes before and after cleaning. It is especially the case if the service provider has to work over the weekend. While it is easy to assume that poorly arranged office furniture does not affect the cleaning process, the truth is that leaving furniture in their correct position will go a long way in making work easy for the cleaning crew. 

Switch Off Everything -- Whether it is the computers, printers, or scanners, it is vital to switch off all electronic equipment when you leave the office the evening before the cleaning service checks in. However, it is common to find office employees leaving their computers on. Notably, most cleaning crews tend not to interfere with any electronics they find powered on when cleaning. However, it poses a problem because cleaning staffs have to carefully clean the area around any office electronic that is still on, consequently wasting time. The rule of thumb, therefore, is to ensure that everything is turned off to give the cleaning crew an easy time to do what they do best, clean.

Talk with an office cleaning crew about what your employees can do to help the crew do an efficient job.