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Dog Pee Is NOT For Me! 3 Tips To Get Dog Urine Odour Out Of Your Carpet

New puppies are one of the cutest things on earth. But, much like a young child, they can create a little bit of havoc in your home until they are properly toilet trained. A puppy who wees on the carpet doesn't mean to be naughty, but if you don't deal with the issue quickly, then you could end up with a permanent smell problem. Here are three things you can do to remove the pungent smell of puppy wee from your carpet after your puppy has peed.

Immediate Action

If you are at home when the accident happens, the faster you act against the urine, the better your chance of eliminating odour. Grab blotting products such as a tea towel, a bathroom towel or even paper towels to soak the liquid out of your carpet. One of the best ways of ensuring that the urine doesn't remain deep within the carpet fibre is to stand on top of the blotting cloth you are using. Your body weight places a tonne of pressure onto the carpet, and it helps push the blotting cloth deep down into the carpet fibre. Make sure you take your socks off first, otherwise those will become damp from puppy pee too. If you remove the urine as soon as it happens, there is minimal chance of residual smell.

Hand Wash Carpet Patch

If you don't catch the accident as soon as it occurs, you need a second step after you blot up as much urine as possible. Mix together a cleaning solution of hot water and dish detergent. Dip a sponge into the cleaning solution, and then press the sponge down on the urine with a small twisting motion as you press down. Be careful not to oversaturate the area with water as you simply want to sponge the urine odour away rather than soak the carpet. Soaked carpet fibres are easily damaged and may not dry to their original state. After you have sponged over the area, repeat the blotting motion to eradicate any excess liquid.

Regular Carpet Cleaning

While your puppy is young, it is a worthwhile exercise having a professional clean your carpets on a regular basis, such as once a month. A monthly clean of your living areas is a safety backup to ensure all odours are whisked away from the carpet fibres. If you do this until your puppy is four to six months old, you stand to prolong the life of your carpet in the long term.

There is no need to live with puppy urine smells. Instead, call your local carpet cleaning company and get that smell removed sooner rather than later.