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3 Green Carpet Cleaning Mistakes that a Professional Will Need to Fix

Most people try to handle carpet cleaning tasks on their own. This is especially true if there are not as many issues, such as pet damage. If you are handling your own carpet cleaning with a personal steam cleaner or other carpet cleaning device, then you may choose to go with green cleaning options that are budget friendly. The problem is, some of these green carpet cleaning methods can lead to issues only a professional carpet cleaning service can fix. Here are three of those mistakes and what causes them.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is the base for many of the green carpet cleaning options you will find. The baking soda is said to remove odor, and it can soak up liquids fairly quickly. There are several carpet problems with this method. The first is that it can break down or gum up the carpet. It can also discolour the carpeting, causing stains that cannot be removed. In addition to these issues, the baking soda can clump and harden within the carpet cleaning device and cause the steam cleaner water streams to flood the area or not work at all. Instead, use a carpet powder that is designed for soaking up odor and fluid without these side effects.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are used for nearly everything. If you see them in a carpet cleaning recipe, you should consider avoiding that addition. Keep in mind there are little to no cleaning properties in essential oils where carpet is concerned. The oils can be left behind on the carpet and can cause dirt to stick to the now oily carpet. This dirt can be more difficult to remove through conventional methods, causing you to need a professional to remove the dirt, debris, and the oil. Instead, use a carpet shampoo with a light scent or use a non-residue spray after you have cleaned.

Vinegar Based Solutions

When you have an odor you are trying to remove, like a pet stain, you may go to an vinegar based solution. There are several issues with this type of carpet cleaning solution. The first is that it may not remove the odor right away. This can lead to one of two problems. The first problem is having to over saturate the area, causing mould or other related issues. The second is the vinegar trapping the odor, making it worse when you try to remove the carpet, or not removing the odor at all.

If you want a green carpet cleaning solution without some of these side effects, consider contacting a professional that offers budget friendly green cleaning options. Keep in mind, there are several packages that many services provide that may work ideally for your needs.