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Easy End-of-Lease Cleaning Guide

Every time you rent a new house or apartment in Australia, the landlord requires a security deposit or a rental bond. This acts as surety to cover any damages to the property happening within the tenant's period of stay. The tenant is expected to leave the property in the same prime condition it was in when they began residence.

When moving out, the tenant needs to perform a few checks and rectify any damage or problems. This entails end-of-lease cleaning. In the effect that this is contravened, the tenant risks losing the security deposit or rental bond. This may also be followed by a legal suit.

Giving your house a thorough end-of-lease cleaning is the first step towards getting back your security deposit in one piece. This is not the typical cleaning that is done routinely; it entails more than that. The house or apartment must be cleaned thoroughly inside out. 

End-of-lease cleaning is perfectly doable. If you have the time and maybe a little help from family and friends, this can be an extremely money- and time-saving exercise. However, you can also get professional services from the many cleaning service providers near your area.

Here is the guide for the best end-of-lease cleaning tasks:

  • It is better to move your stuff before you start cleaning so that you can get into the corners.
  • Design a plan to follow when cleaning. Figure out the amount of time it will take and delegate particular time for every room. Work against the clock for better and faster results.
  • Start from the interior and move to the exterior.
  • Have your kitchen spotlessly clean. Make sure that you clean the oven, splash backs, bench tops, taps and sinks and the insides and outside of your cupboards.
  • Have your bath, shower and toilets cleaned. Basins, taps and mirrors in your bathroom should sparkle.
  • Clean all the wardrobes both in and out. Remove all the remaining cobwebs.
  • Remove spot marks on the walls, clean the window sills, mop all the floors, and vacuum clean the carpets as you do mat and rug cleaning. 
  • Go trim edges and mow grass on the back and front gardens. If necessary, trim the trees as well.
  • Clean all the exterior parts of the house, including windows.

End-of-lease cleaning need not be a headache. However, there are times when you can hardly do the work due to other constraints. In this circumstance, do a thorough search for the most cost-effective end-of-lease cleaning services provider. You can also ask the landlord to have it done against your deposit security if it comes to that level.