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3 Important Considerations When Choosing A Skip Bin Hire

A skip bin hire is a must-have for any renovation or remodelling project around the house, as it will keep your property clean and neat and also safer since you won't have debris scattered over your lawn where people will be working. It also allows you an easier way to dispose of that debris, as you cannot simply put these items in a standard trash bin and put them on the front curb as you would your everyday trash. Before you choose a skip bin hire, however, note some important considerations to keep in mind so that you get the right one from the right company.

1. Get a size larger than you think you'll need

It's not unusual for homeowners to underestimate the size of skip bin they'll need when it comes to a home improvement or renovation project. In turn, they may face extra fees for emptying the bin more than once, or they may see items pile up and over the bin itself, causing a mess.

When you rent a skip bin, you might ask for advice on the size of bin you need, as your rental agent may be very familiar with the size needed according the project and size of your home. To be safe, get a size larger than you think you'll need.

2. Ask about permits

You will probably need permits for your skip bin hire even if you keep it on your property. The only exception in most cases is a trailer that you haul in the back of your car, which has its own license plate. If you opt for this type of bin, you'll need a hitch on your car. Ask about permits and if the company can get those for you so you ensure you get the right ones and that they're in place before your bin arrives.

3. Ask how your items are disposed

One of the best choices you can make for a skip bin hire is to choose a company that is environmentally friendly when it comes to disposal. A company may go through the items in your bin to pull out anything that can be recycled, or they may use a compactor to make your items smaller so that the items take up less space in a landfill. Some skip bins may be clearly marked for recyclable items such as glass or wood from building materials, and these can be the best choices for anyone who is environmentally conscious but who still needs a good skip bin.