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4 Pet-friendly Services to Expect from House Cleaning Companies

While the furry members of our family bring love and companionship to our lives, they also tend to track mud into the house, shed fur all over the furniture, and generally make their presence known by creating a little extra mess to clean up after.

If you're chasing your tail keeping up to the mess your pets create, you may want to consider hiring a professional cleaning company who specialise in pet-friendly home cleaning. Let's look at some of the helpful services that a pet-friendly cleaner can provide, to help you keep your home spotless and give you space to enjoy the quality company of your pets.

Proper Cleaning products

With pets and children around, it's more important than ever to make sure the cleaning products you use in your home are free from chemicals and other nasties that may cause harm to yourself or your loved ones. A professional cleaning company that specialise in pet-friendly service use only natural, green cleaners.

As they are commercial-grade products, they have been specially formulated to provide the best of both worlds: a powerful cleaning solution without impacting the environment or threatening the health of home occupants.

Specialty equipment

Vacuum cleaners and other cleaning products that are specifically designed to remove pet hair, odours and mess are very costly, requiring substantial upfront costs. Your local pet-friendly cleaning business has specialty commercial equipment and the expertise to maintain your home at a fraction of the cost. This in turn will extend the lifespan of your upholstery, carpet, curtains and furnishings by keeping them in excellent condition.

Attitude and approach

Pets can be fussy, and a bit of a handful for strangers who are not accustomed to dealing with animals on a regular basis. A cleaner who is not only an animal lover and pet owner themselves, but happy to accommodate the specific needs of your pet, can really help to take the stress out of the situation.

If your cat is a little afraid of the vacuum cleaner, or your dog likes to have a good bark when visitors arrive, a pet-loving cleaner will help to ease the tension and fear for your pet, and go the extra mile to provide a specialty service for both of you.

The little extras

Perhaps you dread the idea of cleaning the litter tray or pet food bowls, or your dog really needs a bathroom break or walk during the day while you're at work. A pet-friendly cleaner will accommodate the little extra needs of a home with pets, and may offer extra services including pet care.

Contact your local commercial cleaning companies like Delron Carpet Cleaning Service to discuss their services and your needs, to find the perfect solution for both you and your pet.