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Want to Hire Commercial Cleaning Services? Tips on How to Save Money

The benefits of commercial cleaning are unquestionable especially in the business environment. The choice reduces the cost of retainer fees required for permanent janitors, the quality of work is typically remarkable and the flexibility of the time enhances convenience. However, you may find that the cumulative costs of the professional services are higher than the budget you have set which will ultimately affect the profits. Before you start looking for alternative solutions, consider using these simple tips to reduce the cleaning labour expenses.

Company Policies on Cleanliness

The availability of commercial cleaners normally encourages laxity in employees so most will leave their workstations and common areas messy and with clutter. This means that the professionals will spend their time on menial tasks instead of focusing on what cannot be carried out without their assistance.

As a business owner or office manager, consider making company policies that will ensure that the employees respect the need for cleanliness. Post memos on digital and physical work forums and ensure that there is strict implementation of the outlined details. These guidelines can include removing the clutter from the desks and disposing the waste papers and other old supplies appropriately.

The use of trays to handle food and drinks can also reduce the number of stains on desks, floors and carpets. In addition, the employees should use food covers when using the microwave, wash up after use and use the kitchen bins for the waste food only.

Create a Schedule

Different features of the business building have varying cleaning requirements so a timetable should be created to accommodate the dissimilarities. For instance, thorough carpet cleaning can be carried out every few months but vacuuming floors is necessary at least twice a week. Ask your service provider for advice on the optimal time frequency for tasks such as cleaning windows and polishing furniture and floors.

It is important to note that if you take the minimal frequency, dirt and grime will accumulate and the cleaners will charge more for the extra time taken to provide quality results. On the other hand, frequent cleaning will mean less time taken daily and it may be the best cost-cutting plan for dusty and messy businesses.

Clean After Business Hours

Cleaning services offer advanced flexibility so consider having the service providers come after the business closes. If the cleaner has to manoeuvre around the employee, they will interrupt and charge you more for the extra time. Ensure that there is sufficient security and that your chosen cleaners are licensed and insured.

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