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Machines Used for Carpet Cleaning

If the carpet at your home or office needs cleaning, there are several different machines that can do the job. But if you've never have any prior experience with a carpet cleaning machine, you probably need help knowing what's out there, and what equipment best matches your needs. Here are some of the machines that are available.

ChemDry Machine -- ChemDry is a carpet cleaning method in which a dry cleanser and a very small amount of water are used to extract dirt from your carpet, leaving no moisture or wetness. Unlike shampooing or hot water extraction, ChemDry has a carbonating solution that contains no chemicals or soaps and dries very quickly, so you don't have to wait hours to use your carpet.

A ChemDry machine has a handle and a circular bonnet with a brush that rotates at high speed when it's turned on. The unique bonnet saturates the cleaning solution into your carpet with a minimal amount of water, and then suctions up the dirt and debris. You don't have to worry about filling up the machine with gallons of water, and you don't have to worry about exposing your family to toxins or phosphates that are in traditional water-based machines.

Hot Water Extraction Machine -- Although many people use the word 'steam cleaning' when describing this carpet cleaning method, hot water extraction doesn't actually use steam. Instead, a hot water extraction machine heats up water to a high temperature and then utilises the brushing action to flood your carpet with moisture and extract dirt at the same time. The difference between this machine and the ChemDry machine is that a hot water extraction machine needs a great deal of water, as the entire cleaning process is dependent upon extremely hot water combined with a cleaning detergent.

Typically this type of machine has two tanks: an upper tank for water and a lower tank for the soap. Hot water machines also have smaller attachments so you can clean drapes, upholstery and hard surfaces such as wood floors.

The dry method and the hot water method are the two most common ways to clean your carpet, so these two machines dominate the market. But even within these narrow confines, there are machines that are more advanced. For example, some hot water extraction machines are truck mounted. You can use them if you are cleaning a commercial-sized carpet and need a lot of water. However, there are machines and methods for every budget, so economising is easy to do.

While you can rent some of these machines, commercial cleaning services like Teddy Clean have the experience to make carpet cleaner than you could make it on your own.